Choosing The Right Web Design When Starting Your Online Store

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Choosing The Right Web Design When Starting Your Online Store

As an entrepreneur, once you have come up with a business plan for selling a product or service in a given market, the sales process automatically become the next thing. Sales are the crust of every business idea, and they are the yardstick of whether your business plan is working or failing once implemented.

If your business plan necessitates an online store to thrive, building an e-commerce website becomes the next logical step.

The importance of web design in your selling process

Much thought and consideration should be given to web design when building your website because this will either make or ruin your online business.

Keep in mind the following

  • Choose an e-commerce web building platform that is easy to use and can support your business objectives such as scalability
  • Work with themes that are attractive and compliment your product and brand
  • Make your navigation clear, simple and consistent on every page. This ensures when prospective customers are on your site they can easily find what they are looking for and hopefully make a purchase
  • Graphics, audio, and video should only apply if they add value
  • A web design that includes opt-in offers so you can collect customer information such as emails addresses which can be valuable customer engagement tools for future marketing campaigns
  • Check out should be smooth and straightforward, one to two clicks maximum is preferred
  • A design that is customer friendly and navigable can yield better sales. To illustrate this point, storefronts such as Amazon, eBay or Airbnb are leading e-commerce websites because they all share simplicity!

Fortunately for budding or established entrepreneurs today, numerous e-commerce website building platforms have e-commerce website templates that accommodate all the needs mentioned above in design.

You can build your e-commerce website or online store within a short time frame without compromising functionality while maintaining a good look that users are likely to find pleasant. Shopify, for instance, is one e-commerce website builder platform that delivers on simplicity and fantastic functionality.


Clutter should not be mistaken for sophistication when it comes to web design. It could cost you loads of sales. Choosing the right e-commerce web design will help you strike the right balance that not only attracts prospects to your site but also inspires consumer confidence, closes sales and meets your bottom line.

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